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Why ICT essential for teacher

Why ICT essential for teacher

by Monique Uwoyangeneye -
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Re: Role of ICT to support assessment,


There is ICT for teachers because ICT is integrated in teaching and learning process.

ICT is a key tool for both teacher an learner.

ICT was integrated in the curriculum. Teacher becomes a facilitator, a guider, while learners be more practical, creativity. Because all teachers will use ICT during teaching activity. 

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Re: Why ICT essential for teacher

by Gaspard Hitimana -

ICT essential for teacher will help teachers to know the importance of using ict in teaching and learning activities.

this will help in implementation of competence based curriculum(CBC) where students will participate a lots in his/her learning by carrying their own research on internet. this ict essential will simplify/facilitate teacher while delivering digital content to students by using computer with internet connection and projectors in classroom(this will motivate both teacher and students)