Topic outline

  • Innovation Session 1

    At the end of this session, you are required to upload the 

    • Possible Topic Chart  

    Files: 2Assignments: 6Folders: 5
  • Innovation Session 2

    Documentation to be uploaded for this session

    ·       Ten Times Two Thinking Routine Notes

    ·       Interview Topics

  • Innovation Session 3

    Documents to be uploaded

    ·       Interview Themes

    ·       Slow Looking- Student Work

  • Innovation Session 4

    Documents to be uploaded

     ·       Slow Looking Insights

    ·       From Hunch to Innovation Murals 

  • Innovation Session 5

    Documents to be uploaded

     ·       Insights from High Leverage Teaching Practices (HLT) and Teaching for Understanding (Tf) Exercise 

    ·       Developing MVP

  • Innovation Session 6

    Documents to be uploaded

    • Super hunch Sketch Pad