Topic outline

  • UNIT 2: Competence-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning

    The overarching objective for assessment is to achieve a coherent set of approaches to assessment, at school, district and national levels, to support learners’ progression in learning, through the full range of techniques which are fair, valid and equitable, and to complement the priorities of the competence-based curriculum. In other words, assessment is an integral part of the national curriculum and an essential element of the teaching and learning process. To achieve above-mentioned assessment in CBC, in addition to summative assessment, the teachers need to use formative or continuous assessment for daily monitoring of learning.


    • Session 1: Concept of Three pillars of Competence Based Curriculum

      Teachers should be able to discover the concept and relevance of continuous professional development (CPD) as well as clarify the CPD practices currently in place in Rwanda. Click on the links below to begin your lessons.

    • Session 2: Active techniques used in developing competences

      Teachers should be able to understand the National CPD framework in Rwanda. Teachers will explore major policies, key stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities of CPD so that teachers explain how CPD works in Rwandan education system.

      Click on the links below to begin your lessons.

    • Session 3: Preparation of pedagogical materials

      Teachers should understand and identify the problem in order to plan for CPD activities by using techniques of the formulation of the group, time, resource persons and topics as wells as reporting of CPD activities conducted. Click on the links below to begin your lessons.

    • Unit 2 Assessment

      To complete Unit 2, you must

      1) get more than 70% marks to pass in assessment questions,

      2)  submit an essay in a word format (a lessn plan format can be accesible below), and

      3)  review and make comments on more than one teacher's essay in the forum.