Topic outline

  • Unit 1: Home care

    Key Unit Competency

    To be able to identify and safely use cleaning materials, tools and cleaning products.

    Learning objectives

    After studying this topic, I should be able to:

         • Explain the different types of soil.
         • Handle different types of soil.
         • Identify appropriate cleaning materials, tools and cleaning products.
         • Use cleaning materials, tools and cleaning products safely.


    Look at pictures A and B below. What is happening in picture B? After the Activity in this picture, in which classroom would you prefer staying in? Why? Write down some disadvantages of staying in classroom A.

    The facts

    A house, a shelter or a home is a basic necessity for all human beings. It is therefore important to keep them clean and tidy. The cleanliness and orderliness of a house or a home should therefore be ensured by all inhabitants of that particular house or home. Living in dirty and unpleasant places is a major health hazard. For proper comfort, good health and safety, we should keep our surroundings free from dirt and germs.

    1.1 Types of soils

    You probably have heard people talking of ‘soiled clothes. What do they mean?

    The facts

    Soil is any substance that stains. They make things unpresentable. There are various types of soils around us. They include:

                    • Dust                                 • Stain

                    • Fixed dirt                          • Tarnish

    Let us look at these types of soils in more details.

    (a) Dust

    Activity 1.1: Research activity

    Find out from the library or the internet the various methods used to remove dust. Write them in your notebook and share with your friends.

    Dust is made up of loose particles that may either be organic or inorganic in nature. The substances found in dust are normally light. They can therefore easily be carried around by air to settle on various surfaces. These surfaces include clothes windows, walls, shoes among others. Germs will always thrive where dust settles. It is therefore important to keep all surfaces in the home free from dust.