Topic outline

  • Unit 1 : Welcome to the classroom

    Greeting people

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  • UNIT 2 : Classroom objects

    Draw the rainbow and colour it.

  • Unit 3 : People at home and school

    My school
    This is my school.

    What can you see?

    Who is this?

    The name of my teacher is _________.

    Can you see the children going to class?

    How old are you?

    Let us count together.

  • Unit 4 : Clothes and parts of my body

    Parts of my body

    Parts of my body

    Parts of my body

    Fill the blanks.

    Clothes that we wear
    Talk about these clothes with your friend.

    What is he wearing?
    What is Kabarebe wearing?

    He is wearing a yellow shirt. This is a yellow shirt.
    He is wearing blue shoes. These are blu_ shoes.
    He is wearing green shorts. These are gre_n shorts.
    He is wearing grey socks. These are gr_y socks.

    What is Mukama wearing?

    She is wearing a pink skirt. This is a pink skirt.

    She is wearing a brown hat. This is a brown hat.

    She is wearing a black blouse. This is a black blouse.

    She is wearing red shoes. These are red shoes.

    She is wearing white socks. These are white socks.

    What clothes do you wear? Tell your friend.

    See and read the alphabet.

    a b c d e f g h i j

    k l m n o p q r s

    t u v w x y z

    A B C D E F G H I

    J K L M N O P Q R

    S T U V W X Y Z

  • Unit 5: Likes and dislikes

    The food we eat

    What are these?

    What do you like?

    Do you like cassava? Tell your teacher.

    What is your favourite food? Tell your friends.

    What food do they like?
    Look at this table.

    This is a graph.
    What does it show?

    Let us count

    Match the food with its name.

    Draw your favourite food.

  • UNIT 6 : Classroom objects and personal belongings

    How many…?

    3. How many books are in the cupboard?
    There are _______ books in the cupboard.

    4. How many red balls are on the floor?
    There are _______ red balls on the floor.

    True or False?
    Say True or False for each sentence.

    True or False?

    Whose book is this?
    Look at this picture.
    The children are playing a game.

    Say their names.

    Where is the cat?

    Draw the following pictures.
    1. The book is on the desk.
    2. There are two balls under the teacher’s table.

    Read these letters

  • Unit 7 : Home

    Our house

    We live in a house.
    Our house has a bedroom.
    Our house has a sitting room.
    There is a toilet outside the house.

    Draw the house you live in.
    Show the rooms in your house.

    Our sitting room

    This is a sitting room.

    There are seats in the sitting room.
    Can you see seats?
    There are tables in the sitting room.
    How many tables can you see?

    A table in the dining room
    This is a dining room.
    The dining room has a table.

    There are plates on the table.
    There are spoons and forks on the table.
    Can you see the knives? How many knives can you see?
    What else can you see?

    This is my bedroom.

    I sleep in the bedroom.
    There is a bed in my bedroom.
    My bed has a mosquito net.
    There is a lamp in the bedroom.
    The lamp is on the table.
    My bag is under the table.
    There is a chair next to the table.
    I sit on the chair to do my homework.

    There is a mat between the bed and the table.

    Draw a picture of your favourite room.

    Match these

    Name the objects in the picture.

  • UNIT 8 : Animals at home

    Get into groups.
    Talk about the animals in your home.
    Below are some examples:
    My father has chickens.
    My mother has cows and goats.
    Do you have cattle at home?
    How many cows do you have?

    What does a dog eat?

    Look at this table. It shows what animals eat.

    Talk about what animals eat. These questions will help you.
    Does your cat eat meat?
    What do sheep eat?

    My favourite animal

    Animal sounds

    Look at this picture. What is Mother Hen saying?

    Get into groups. Practise the sounds that animals make.

    Match the animal with the food it eats.

    Draw a table to show the sounds animals make.
    In groups sing a song about the sounds animals make.
    Capital and small letters
    Read and write these letters.
    Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj
    Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt
    Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

  • UNIT 9 : What we do every day

    What do you do at home?

    What time do you go to school?
    I go to school at six o’clock.

    Can you tell the time?

    Can you tell the time?

    Can you tell the time?

    What do we do on Saturday

    Read this story.

    Read this story.

    Answer these questions.
    1. Why do we bathe our bodies?
    2. Why do we cut the grass at home?
    3. What else do we do every day?
    Draw pictures of yourself doing different things.

  • UNIT 10 : Story Telling

    Read this story.

    Once upon a time, there was a boy.
    The boy cared for many animals

    Read this story.

    Retell this story to your friends.

    Rearrange these pictures to retell the story.

    Can you tell another story?