TOPIC 1 Talking about Places Where You Live
    Activity 3.1.1 (READING)

    Read Samantha and Ethan’s conversation about where they live.
    Samantha: Where do you live, Ethan?
    Ethan: I live in Butare. Where do you live, Samantha?

    Samantha: I live near Butare, in a place called Rwasave.

    Activity 3.1.2 (WORKING TOGETHER)

    Ask and answer your classmates about where you live and where they live.

    TOPIC 2 Talking about Population
    Butare Population
    Activity 3.2.1 (READING)

    Read the caption.
    Butare is located in the South Province of Rwanda and is the capital of Huye

    district. It is a city of about 77,000 people.

    Activity 3.2.2
    Answer the following questions.
    1. Where is Butare located?

    2. What is the population of Butare?

    Activity 3.2.3
    Conduct a survey in your school and make sentences, such as the above,
    about your school.
    Activity 3.2.4
    Go out in your community and try to count the people around. Then write about
    your community, considering where it is located and its population. You can
    count females, males and children separately.

    Present your work to the class.

    TOPIC 3 Talking about Facilities

    Learn these words.

    Activity 3.3.1

    Study the map.

    Activity 3.3.2 (READING)
    Read this aloud.

    This is a map of the town where Ethan lives. His father works at Butare Post
    Office next to the Chinese Restaurant. Can you see it? His mother works in
    the NUR registrar office. In Butare, there is a museum known as the Museum
    of Rwanda in the northern side of the town. There is also a university known
    as the National University of Rwanda. This is near KCB Bank. Another major
    place in Butare is the Butare Catholic Cathedral. This one is near the Cathedral
    Road which takes you to Rwasave Fish Pond found in the eastern side of the

    town. Butare has so many facilities.

    Activity 3.3.3
    Look for the following places on the map of Butare
    • Banks
    • ESSO Butare Secondary School
    • Huye District Headquarters

    • Kobil Petrol Station

    Activity 3.3.4
    Find more facilities and write them down.
    For example: • There’s a mosque in Butare.
    • There is an airstrip in Butare.
    Answer the Riddle
    What starts with the letter ‘P’ ends with the letter ‘E’ and has thousands

    of letters?........................

    TOPIC 4 Talking about Places
    Activity 3.4.1

    Look for these words from the text.


    These are known as adverbs of place. They show where something is located.

    Some other words are—along, across, behind, in front of.

    Activity 3.4.2 (WORKING TOGETHER)
    Ask and answer questions about the map of Butare.
    1. Can you tell me where the Restoration Church is?
    Ans. It is in the northeast near Engen Petrol Station.
    2. Which facility is opposite to the Bank of Kigali?
    Ans. It is the Post Office.
    3. Which bank is opposite the hospital road?

    Ans. It is Eco Bank.

    TOPIC 5 Giving Directions
    Activity 3.5.1 (WORKING TOGETHER)

    Ethan is directing Samantha to get to a place.
    In groups of three, look at the map and follow Ethan’s directions to find out

    which place he is directing Samantha to.

    (i) Beginning from Esso Butare Secondary School, walk along the Hospital
    Road up to where it joins the highway RN1. Turn southwards and walk
    up to where the roads RN1 and RN19 meet. Continue straight along
    RN19 for a short distance. The building is on the left.
    (ii) Beginning from Esso Butare Secondary School, walk along the Hospital
    Road up to the campus bus stop on RN1. Move northwards along RN1.
    Keep moving up to the road junction where Cathedral Road joins RN1.
    Continue along RN1 until you reach the crossroads just after Butare

    Post Office. Turn left and move straight along the Airport Road.

    Activity 3.5.2 (WORKING TOGETHER)
    Write directions to the following places from Butare airstrip.
    (i) Butare Market
    (ii) Rwasave Fish Pond

    (iii) Kobil Petrol Station

    TOPIC 6 Talking about Transport

    Means of Transport

    Learn these words.

    Activity 3.6.1
    Fill in the missing letters to form any of the above words.
    1. M__t__ __c__cl__              2. B__ __
    3. __l__                                        4. T__ __i

    5. __ai__                                      6. __ra__ __l

    Activity 3.6.2 (WORKING TOGETHER)
    Work with a partner. Find words that have not been used in the above exercise.
    Take turns in asking and answering. One partner writes a word and leaves out
    the vowel letters. The other partner is supposed to think of the vowel letters
    to complete the word. The word is supposed to be one of those from the box


    Activity 3.6.3
    Read about how the following people travelled to different places
    • Mr. Kamwezi has travelled on a motorcycle from Butare to Kigali. It has
    taken him three hours to ride from Butare to Kigali.
    • Mrs. Kamwezi and Patricia have travelled on a plane from Butare to Kigali.
    They are still at the airport. It has taken them fifteen minutes to reach
    • Ariane has come for her holidays. She is still at the bus station. She has
    travelled from her school in Butare by bus for one hour and thirty minutes.
    • Mr. Mugiraneza has come to Kigali for a business meeting. He has driven
    his car from Butare to Kigali for two hours.
    • Mr. Gaspard’s family has used a public taxi to travel from Butare to Kigali.
    It has taken two hours for them to reach Nyabugogo taxi park in Kigali.

    • The tourists have walked from Kigali to Butare to the museum. They have walked for two days.

    Activity 3.6.4
    Answer the following questions.

    1. What means of transport can you use to travel from Butare to Kigali and
    from Kigali to Butare?
    - You can travel by aeroplane from Butare to Kigali.
    2. How long does it take you to travel from Butare to Kigali by car?
    You can travel from Butare to Kigali by car in two hours.
    3. How long does it take you to travel from Butare to Kigali by taxi?
    4. How long does it take you to travel from Butare to Kigali by bus?
    5. How long does it take you to travel from Butare to Kigali by motorcycle?
    6. How long does it take you to travel from Butare to Kigali by plane?

    7. How long does it take you to walk from Kigali to Butare?

    Activity 3.6.5 (WORKING TOGETHER)
    As a class, discuss the transport facilities you can see around your village. Tell
    the class how they work.
    For example: Here at school, we have school buses. They pick us from home
    to school and drop us back from school to home. When I board a school bus, it
    takes me one hour to get to school or home.

    Answer the Riddle

    What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?

    TOPIC 7 Comparing Means of Transport
    Activity 3.7.1
    Read the following statements.

    1. Flying a plane is faster than riding a motorcycle.
    2. Walking is less expensive than travelling by taxi.
    3. Air transport is more expensive than road transport.
    4. Driving a car is faster than riding a bicycle.
    5. Sailing in a boat is cheaper than travelling by bus.
    Activity 3.7.2
    Use the following gerunds to form sentences of your own.
    Riding, crawling, running
    Activity 3.7.3 (WORKING TOGETHER)

    Form groups and fill in the chart below comparing different means of transport.

    Activity 3.7.4
    Now form sentences of your own.
    For example: • A plane is the biggest means of transport.
    • A car is faster than a motorcycle.
    • A motorcycle is less expensive than a car.
    Continue the practice with other means of transport.