• Unit 7 :Weather

    Unit 7 Weather


    Exercise 1: Talk about the weather
    Look out of the window and describe the

    weather. Is it hot or cold today?

    Unit 7 Weather


    Exercise 3: Match the sentences and the

    Say which picture matches each sentence.


    7.2 Read about the weather in

    Rwanda is not very hot. Nor is it very cold.
    It is cooler in the mountains. It is warmer in
    the lowlands. In August it is hot. In April it is
    cold. In May it is cool. It is about 20 °C.

    In April it rains a lot. In July it rains a little.

    Exercise 4: What is the weather like today?
    Use the words in the boxes and
    complete the sentences.

    m1. Today it is ____ windy.
    2. Today it is raining ____.
    3. Today it is ____ cloudy.


    7.3 Describing temperature
    A thermometer measures temperature.
    It is marked in degrees Celsius. When degrees

    are high, the temperature is hot or warm.


    Exercise 5: Is it hot or cold?
    1. Look at picture A. Is it hot or cold?

    2. Look at picture B. Is it hot or cold?

    Learning box
    Using graphs
    We can use lines to show different
    numbers. We call this a line graph.
    The graph below shows the temperature
    for each month in Kigali.


    Exercise 6: Read a temperature graph

    Look at the graph above.

    1. Which month was the hottest?

    2. Which month was the coldest?

    3. What was the temperature in March?

    Exercise 7: Use the bar graph to answer


    Look at the bar graph above. Say whether

    the sentences are true or false.

    1. It rained a lot in February.

    2. There was only a little rain in July.

    3. April had more rain than any other


    Exercise 8: Talk about the weather in


    Talk about the weather in Rwanda. Ask

    and answer questions.


    Question: Is it very rainy in Rwanda in

    June and July?

    Answer: No it is not. It is very dry in

    June and July.


    Exercise 9: Draw a temperature graph

    Draw a line graph of the temperature in

    the area where you live. Your teacher will

    give you the monthly temperature figures

    for your area.

    7.5 Review
    1. Draw a picture showing the weather
    today. Under the picture, write a
    sentence that describes the weather.
    Example: It is cold today.
    2. Rearrange the letters below. Write the
    correct words.
    a. anri b. ylcoud
    c. yunns  d. nwiyd
    3. Complete the paragraph below about
    the weather in Rwanda. Use the words in



    Rwanda is not too ___ or too ___. It ___
    a lot in April. It is much ___ in the
    mountains than in ___.
    good4. Draw a bar graph to show the following
    temperatures for five days:
    Monday: 20 °C
    Tuesday: 22 °C
    Wednesday: 25 °C
    Thursday: 28 °C
    Friday: 24 °C

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