• unit 4:FOOD

    Unit 4 food

    4.1 Talking about mealtimes


    Exercise 1: Talk about mealtimes
    1. Use the words below to complete the
    morning           lunch         evening
    a. I eat breakfast in the ____.
    b. I have ____ in the afternoon.
    c. I eat dinner in the ____.

    2. At what time do you have lunch?

    Unit 4 Food 314.2 Talk about meals
    We have different types of food for our
    meals. Look at the pictures. Talk about the

    meals you eat.


    Exercise 2: Match words and pictures
    1. Match the words below with the
    correct picture above.
    2. Write down the word and the number
    of the picture.
    milk    chicken   bananas   rice

    bread  cabbage   beans      eggs

    32 Unit 4 Food
    Learning box
    Countable and uncountable foods
    We can count apples and tomatoes.
    Each apple and tomato is a separate
    thing. We cannot count porridge or rice.
    There are too many grains in a plate of

    rice for us to count each one.

    Exercise 3: Can you count it?
    Copy the table below into your exercise
    book. Copy the words below into the

    table in the correct column.

    Countable    Uncountable
    apples   eggs   bananas    porridge

    rice   honey    sugar    potatoes

    Learning box
    Saying how much there is
    Some words show how much food you
    have, or if you have no food. See examples

    on the next page.

    Unit 4 Food 33
    I have a lot of beans. There are many
    apples. There are only a few eggs. I have
    no pumpkin.

    Exercise 4: Indefinite or nothing
    Choose words from the box and complete
    the sentences below.
    many   few    little    much    no
    1. There is ____ food in the empty
    2. I am hungry, so I will eat ____
    3. I am not hungry. Don’t give me so ____
    4. The baby eats only a ____ bit of

    5. There are only a ____ nuts.

    34 Unit 4 Food
    4.3 Talking about food likes and dislikes
    Talk about the foods you like and dislike.
    What food do you like? I like porridge.
    She does not like meat. My favourite food
    is bananas.
    Exercise 5: Whose plate is it?
    1. Copy the picture of the
    plate onto a sheet of paper.
    2. Draw the different types of
    your favourite food on the
    3. Write the name of each type of food.
    4. Your teacher mixes the sheets of paper
    and gives them back to you.
    5. Guess which learner each plate
    belongs to.
    6. Take turns to describe what food the
    person likes. Start like this:
    She likes…. or He likes….

    Unit 4 Food 35
    4.4 Describing food types
    We can divide food into groups.
    Learning box
    Different types of food
    • Fruits and vegetables keep us healthy.
    • Dairy (milk) products make our bones
    • Grains (or cereals) give us energy.

    • Meat helps us grow and makes us strong.


    Exercise 6: Draw, label and describe food
    1. Draw a picture of one type of food
    from each food group.
    2. Let your friend say which group each
    type of food belongs to.
    3. Write the name of the food and the

    food group under each picture.

    36 Unit 4 Food

    4.5 Describing diet
    Your diet is the type of food you usually eat.
    You need a good diet to be healthy.
    4.6 Read about a healthy diet

    Teacher: Eating the right food keeps us
    healthy. Some foods are
    unhealthy. Sweets and drinks
    with a lot of sugar are bad for us.
    Michael: I like to eat fruits and vegetables.
    They keep my body healthy.
    Mary: I like rice and beans. They give
    me energy to do sports and help
    me grow.
    Teacher: Yes, Mary, rice and beans are
    healthy. Do you drink lots of
    Mary: Yes, I drink lots of water. I get

    very thirsty when I do sports

    Unit 4 Food 37

    Exercise 7: Talk about healthy food
    good1. Is the food in the
    picture a good
    meal? Explain
    your answer.
    2. Say whether
    each of the
    things below is
    good or bad for you. Explain why


    Exercise 8: Sounds and words
    Fill in the missing letters. Say the words
    out loud.
    1. m__ngo
    2. r__ce
    3. p__ne__pple
    4. b__n__na
    38 Unit 4 Food
    4.7 Using a questionnaire
    You are going to find out which foods your
    friends like. Your teacher will help you to
    draw up a questionnaire.
    Exercise 9: Ask questions
    Ask the questions in your group and make
    notes about your classmates’ eating

    habits. Ask ten classmates

    Exercise 10: Make a bar graph

    Unit 4 Food 39
    Exercise II: Talk about what you have
    found out
    1. What is the most liked food?

    2. What is the least liked food?


    Exercise 12: Classify foods
    1. Make a list of all the foods shown on
    the graph on page 39.
    2. Draw up a table like the one below.
    Write the name of each food in the
    correct column.


    3. Write a sentence about each food group.
    40 Unit 4 Food
    4.8 Review
    1. Use the words in the boxes to complete
    the sentences below.
    lunch dinner breakfast
    a. I eat ____ at six o’clock in the morning.
    b. At half past twelve in the afternoon
    I eat ____.
    c. At six o’clock in the evening I eat
    my ____.
    2. Look at the names of foods below. Say
    whether each one is countable or
    a. tomatoes
    b. tea leaves
    c. potatoes
    d. sugar
    3. Copy the table below. Write two

    examples of foods in each column


    4. Draw a picture of a healthy lunch. Include
    your favourite foods to have for lunch.
    Write a sentence or sentences about

    what makes this a healthy lunch.

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