2.1 Talking about sports


    Exercise 1: Match the pictures and the sentences
    Match each picture with the correct sentence.
    1. Football is a game where you kick the ball.
    2. In basketball you throw a ball through a hoop.
    3. Rwanda has some very good runners.
    4. Volleyball is a team sport.
    12 Unit :2 Sports
    Bright and Linda are talking about sports.
    Linda: Hi, Bright. Are you doing sports today after school?
    Bright: Yes, I am playing football.


    I score a lot of goals
    I can run very fast.
    How about you?

    Linda: I am playing volleyball.


    It is my favorite sport.
    I also like swimming and riding my bicycle. I can’t run fast. Can you swim?

    Bright: No, I can’t swim. I also like to ride my bicycle.

    Exercise 2: Talk about sports
    1. Tell your friend about your favorite sport. 

    Take turns to say which sport you can or can’t do.

    2. Tell the class which sport your friend can do.
    3. Make a list of all the types of sports the learners in your class play. 

    Write down how many learners play each sport.

    Unit 2 Sports 13
    2.2 Describing ability
    Learning box
    Describe what you can do
    We use can and can’t to say whether people
    are able to or not able to do something.
    Examples: Can Linda play volleyball? Yes,

    she canCan Bright swim? No, he can’t.

    Exercise 3: What can they do?

    1. Choose the correct word in brackets.
    a. Linda (can/can’t) ride a bicycle.

    b. Bright (can/can’t) swim.

    2. Answer the questions.
    gooda. Can you play basketball?

    b. Does your friend play tennis?

    Learning box
    Answer questions with do or does
    Doesn’t and don’t are short forms of
    does not and do not.
    Examples: Does she run fast? No, she

    doesn’tDo you play tennis? No, I don’t.

    14 Unit 2 Sports
    2.3 Famous Rwandan sportspeople

    Look at the photos below.


    Exercise 4: What sport do they play?
    1. Write down the names of the people in
    the photos.
    2. Next to each name, write a sentence
    about the sport they play.

    Start like this: Valens can….

    Unit 2 Sports 15

    2.4 Listen to a text


    The balls we use for football and volleyball
    are large and round. Rugby balls are oval.
    Tennis balls are small and usually yellow.
    Tennis players hit the ball with a racquet.
    Cricket balls are usually red and very hard.

    Cricket players hit the ball with a bat.

    Exercise 5: Draw up a tick chart
    Tick the square for the things we use for

    different sports.


    16 Unit 2 Sports
    Exercise 6: Fill in the gaps
    Before completing this activity, read
    the text on page 16 on your own.
    1. Rugby balls are ____.
    2. Tennis balls are ____. They
    have a ____ layer.
    3. Cricket balls are usually red

    and very ____.

    Learning box
    Words ending in -ing

    We use action words that end in -ing
    when we talk about things that are
    happening now.

    Examples: I am eating. He is walking.

    Exercise 7: Use words ending in -ing
    Complete the sentences below using the
    correct action word.
    riding   playing    swimming
    1. I am ____ in the pool.
    2. She is____ her bicycle.

    3. We are____ football with our friends.

    Unit 2 Sports 17
    Exercise 8: Write about sport
    Write a sentence about each photo. Use
    words ending in -ing. Start like this: He/

    She is ….


    Exercise 9: Do a word puzzle
    Order the words so that the sentences
    make sense. Use the correct punctuation
    and capital letters.
    1. i bicycle my riding am
    2. i volleyball play like to
    3. Mary swimming is well very

    4. John can fast run

    18 Unit 2 Sports
    2.5 Listen and answer
    The Rwanda national football
    team’s name is Amavubi.
    A referee
    They score many goals. During
    matches, the referee makes sure
    that all of the players follow the
    rules. You can watch football games
    at Amahoro National Stadium in Kigali.

    Exercise 10: Talk about sport
    1. What is the name for the Rwanda
    national football team?
    2. Where can you watch football games?
    3. Explain the special words used in
    basketball or football, for example
    shoot, save, referee and goal.

    Exercise 11: Play a memory game
    Can you remember how many
    learners in your class like each
    sport? Write down how many
    learners like each sport.

    Exercise 11: Play a memory game
    goodCan you remember how many
    learners in your class like each
    sport? Write down how many

    learners like each sport.

    Unit 2 Sports 19
    2.6 Review
    1. Two types of sports are ____ and ____.
    2. Name two sports that you play in teams.
    3. Name two sports that you can play on
    your own.
    4. Complete the sentences using -ing words.
    a. They are ____ in the pool.
    b. He is ____ his bicycle.
    5. Read and complete the sentences below:
    Micheal:Do you like playing football?
    Mary: Yes, I ____ ____ ____ ____.
    Mary: Do you like playing football?
    Micheal:No, I ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.
    6. Make the
    correct words
    out of the
    letters below.
    a. llba
    b. yiccebl
    c. atb

    d. qraucte

    20 Unit 2 Sports
    Unit 3 Telling time
    3.1 Read the time
    Look at the clocks below.
    Exercise 1: Read the time
    Match the correct clock in the pictures
    above to each sentence below.
    1. It is 7:00 in the morning. The sun is
    already shining in the garden.
    2. Mary is eating his lunch.

    3. It is 8:30 at night and Jackeline is asleep.

    3.2 Talking about daily routines
    If you do the same thing at the same time

    every day, you follow a daily routine.

    Unit 3 Telling time 21
    3.3 Read about John’s daily 
    goodJohn gets up in the
    morning and goes to
    bath. He then puts on
    his school uniform and
    makes his bed. After
    that, he has breakfast.
    Then he brushes his
    teeth. At seven o’clock he leaves the house
    and goes to school.

    goodIn the afternoon, John
    helps his father to
    work in the garden.
    He rakes up leaves
    and waters the

    goodWhen the the sun goes
    down and the moon
    appears it is night
    time. John says good
    night to his parents.
    He goes to bed and


    Unit 1:Greetings, introductions and talking about schoolUNIT 3: TELLING TIME 21