• Unit 10 Talk about events in the past and future

    Unit 10 Talk about events in the  past and future
    10.1 Recounting past events
    Look at the pictures below. Read the



    Exercise 1: Talk about past events
    Take turns to ask and answer these
    1. What did you do yesterday?
    2. Did you play any sport or games
    last week?
    3. What did you do on the weekend?

    10.2 Describing a day in the past
    Read the story and answer the questions.
    10.3 Ivan’s day
    Yesterday, I got up at 6:00. I got dressed.
    Then I ate my breakfast and brushed my
    teeth. I went to school and did very well in
    my Maths test. After school I played

    football. Finally, I went to bed at 20:00.


    Exercise 2: Talk about a day in the past
    1. Ask each other questions.
    a. What time did you eat breakfast?
    b. What did you do next?
    c. What time did you go to bed?

    2. Write sentences about a day in the past.

    Learning box
    The past tense

    Many words get an -ed at the end in the
    past tense. Examples: work – worked, play
    – played.
    Other words change in different ways.

    Examples: eat – ate, do – did, go – went.

    We use a diary to keep a record
    goodof things we have done. We can
    also use a diary to make notes

    of things we still have to do.

    Exercise 3: Listen to a daily routine and
    make notes in a diary

    1. Write out your daily routine for the
    past week.
    2. Draw a weekly diary in your exercise
    3. Teacher asks one person in the class to
    read out their routine.
    4. Write in your diary what your
    classmate did each day.

    10.4 Describing lessons in the past

    Look at the school timetable for one day.


    Exercise 4: Talk about the school timetable
    1. Tell one another about yesterday’s
    school timetable.
    2. Write about your school timetable. Use
    the words below to help you.
    Yesterday the first lesson at school was
    English. After that we had Maths. Then
    we had Social Studies. Before the

    break we had Kinyarwanda.

    10.5 Telling stories

    10.6 The hare and the tortoise


    There once was a Hare. He was very proud
    that he could run fast. Tortoise said to Hare,
    “Let’s run a race. I will beat you.”
    All the animals came to watch. Hare
    ran down the road and stopped. He
    looked back at Tortoise and cried out,
    “How do you expect to win this race when
    you are walking so slowly?”
    Hare fell asleep next to the road,
    thinking, “There is plenty of time to relax.”
    Tortoise walked until he reached the
    finish line. The animals clapped and
    shouted so loudly that they woke up Hare.
    Hare began to run again, but it was too
    late. Tortoise was already over the line.

    Exercise 5: Place pictures in the correct

    Write the numbers of the pictures in the
    correct order.

    Exercise 6: Who said it?
    Name the character from the story who

    said each sentence below


    Exercise 7: Tell a story
    Tell the story of Hare and Tortoise and then
    act it out.
    10.7 Describing future plans
    Listen to Ivan and Katia talking.
    10.8 Listen to a dialogue
    Ivan: Hello, Katia. What are you going
    to do this holiday?
    Katia: Hi, Ivan. I am going to visit my
    friend in Rubavu. We are going to
    swim in Lake Kivu. And you?
    Ivan: I am going to stay at home. I am
    going to read books and play
    football with my friends.
    Katia: That sounds like fun! I am also

    going to read books.


    Exercise 8: Talk about future plans
    1. Look at the pictures below. Say what
    Gasore and Neza are going to do over

    the weekend.


    2. Take turns to say what you are going to

    do over the weekend.

    Learning box
    The future tense
    When we talk about the future, we say
    that we are going to do something or that

    we will do something.

    Exercise 9: Write about future plans
    Complete the sentences. Use the words



    1. On Tuesday I am going to ___ ___
    2. I will ___ my face, then I will ___ ___
    and then ___ my teeth.
    3 Before I go to school I will ___ ___ ___.
    4. From now on, I ___ ___ to be on time.

    Exercise 10: Make a weekly plan

    1. Look at this weekly plan and fill in the
    missing dates.
    2. In each block, write something that you

    will do on that day.


    10.9 Review

    1. Complete the sentences in column 2`


    2. Complete the sentences with forms of the
    word swim.
    a. I am ____ in the lake.
    b. Yesterday I ____ in the lake.
    3. Complete the story.
    Yesterday Mary went to a shop and
    bought a radio. Today she is listening to
    music. Tomorrow she ____ ____ to music.
    4. What did you do yesterday? Complete
    the sentences.
    a. I ate my breakfast at ____ o’clock.
    b. Then I ____.

    c. I went to bed at ____ o’clock.

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