IEP1142: Self-awareness, Values Formation and Professional Ethics in Primary Schools copy 1

 This module has got three units: self-awareness (Kwimenya), values formation (kwiga indangagaciro) and professional ethics. The three units are seen as laying the foundations for teachers’ and learners’ behavior both at school and in Rwandan society at large. It is expected that the module will help teachers to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes required to develop personal moral values, all of which commensurate with the teacher code of conduct and the advancement of the teaching profession. At the same time, the module is expected to help learners develop self-awareness skills and personal moral values. 

IES1144: Measurement and Assessment for Secondary school teachers
IES1143: Inclusive Education for Secondary School Teachers
IES1141: Pedagogy and Instruction for Secondary School Teachers

This module which is designed for your professional development will be offered in a blended mode of learning. All details of the course can be found within the module and the online course site. We look forward to helping you and making sure you have enjoyable and successful learning.

IEP1144: Measurement and Assessment for Primary School Teachers

This module (Measurement and Assessment for Primary School Teachers) aims at developing in primary school teachers  knowledge and understanding of measurement and assessment and how it is done for better student learning. This module is made up of four units:

Unit one: Introduction to Measurement and Assessment, 

Unit two: Planning and Implementing Assessment, 

Unit three: Grading, Analyzing and Interpreting assessment results,

Unit Four:  Inclusive assessment.


IEP1143: Inclusive Education for Primary School Teachers

This module goes in the framework of the content about professional development of teachers. It favours primary teachers’ professional development, adult learning and how those teachers manufacture teaching and learning aids. It also discusses the key concepts of inclusive and special needs education, various types of special education needs and how to support learners with those needs. Moreover, this module puts light on how to design and use teaching and learning aids which are locally available.

IEP1142: Self-awareness, Values Formation and Professional Ethics in Primary Schools