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  • unit 1

    The training is for primary and secondary private and TVET schools under GIGA project pilot.

               i.      Training arrangement

    A 4 days face to face and 9 days online training will be organized, Teachers will be trained from their respective districts, centers will be selected according to the number of teachers from that district, master trainers will be teachers from the same district except a district where we will have a big number of trainees where the master trainers are not enough, teachers will not be accommodated.

    a.      Training centers, trainers, and phases

    Trainers will be teachers from the same district who have been training in CADIE or Digital Literacy program and the training will be done in one phase, REB staff will be on the center 1 day before the training to check if centers are well equipped with working computers and internet, trainers will make a report and submit it on the next day after the training.

    ·         KARONGI

    In KARONGI district we have 66 primary school teachers, we will have 2 centers, each center will have one trainer and one ICT teacher from that school. This means we will have 2 trainers and 2 ICT teachers.

    ·         BUGESERA

    In BUGESERA we have 32 TVET teachers and 73 primary teachers, we will have

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