Topic outline

  • Unit 3: Competence-Based Assessment

    • Session 1: Understand the purpose of assessment and when, how, what and how to assess

      Teachers should be able to understand the purpose of assessment, when, how and why they should assess the learners. They should also know how to use different kinds of assessment such as summative and formative assessment. Click on the links below to begin your lessons.

    • Session 2: How to Plan an Assessment

      The process of planning an assessment involves a number of steps depending on the type of assessment. The steps include:

      • Design tasks, set criteria, design rubrics and prepare appropriate questions beforehand, and decide how and when they are to be administered
      • Choose an appropriate method and technique to use either by observing, having dialogue  and interactions with learners, organizing practical investigations, presentations and discussions, questioning orally or through paper and pen by giving quizzes, exercises or tests

      • Make provision for the learners' roles in self-assessment and peer assessment

      • Develop assessment schemes for written work and products such as artwork, case studies, reports or project work presentations.

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    • Session 3: Assessment techniques and Bloom Taxonomy

      Teachers should know and use the questioning in relation to the Bloom taxonomy approach. 

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    • Unit 3 Assessment

      To complete Unit 3, you must

      1) get more than 70% marks to pass in assessment questions,

      2)  submit an essay in a word format, and

      3)  review and make comments on more than one teacher's essay in the forum.