A. Listening and speaking


    In the following conversation, Kajuga and Uwase are new Senior 1 students at Amahoro Friends Senior School. Read the conversation aloud in pairs.

    KAJUGA:   Hello, Uwase.
    UWASE:     Hello, Kajuga.
    KAJUGA:   I’m happy to see you. I never thought I’d see you again after our days at Hope
                       Primary School. Congratulations on passing with flying colours.
    UWASE:     I’m happy to see you too. It is so exciting to be here. I am a bit frightened though...
    KAJUGA:  I understand. Many new students feel that way sometimes. However, you
                      feel better after a
                       while. Tell me, do you
                       still love Agriculture?
                      It is offered here, you know.                          
    UWASE:   Yes, I do. I like it
                      because we practise
                      it every day at home.
                      We prepare the
                      land for the planting
                      season. We also look
                      after animals like cows
                      and goats. I love that
                      subject. I love Math
                       too. I am told this
                       school offers Physics. I
                       would like to study it.
    KAJUGA:  Yes, they do. We have
                       four physics lessons
                       every week. You might

                      end up as an engineer. Personally, my favourite subject is History. I read it
                      every day. I would like to be a lawyer or historian. I love English too. I practise
                      public speaking in the evenings. I know I will meet and address many art

    UWASE:    How many English lessons do you have in a week?
    KAJUGA:  We have five of them in a week.
    UWASE:    I must take them too. After all, other subjects are taught in English. I am glad
                       we are talking. I feel more confident. Thank you.
    KAJUGA:    You are welcome.

    The conversation that you have just read is about the subjects that you study when you join Senior 1.


    Working in groups of five:

    1. Name all the subjects that you are studying this year.
    2. What is the importance of each of the courses that are being offered in your school?
    3. Which are your favourite subjects? Why are they your favourite subjects?



    Read the following passage


    As Uwase and Kajuga were walking towards the library, Gasaro ran to them. She happily
    tapped Kajuga on the shoulder. Kajuga turned around and excitedly gave Gasaro a ‘high
          “Sorry, I forgot to tell you I was                                          
    leaving for the library!” Kajuga said.
         “It is okay, Kajuga. Mr. Gasana kept
    me longer than I expected.”
          “Were you discussing Biology?”
          “Yes, we ...”“
          I knew it!”
         Uwase cleared her throat and said,

    “Hello ...”
        “Pardon me Uwase. Please meet my friend Gasaro. Gasaro, meet Uwase,
    my friend from Hope Primary School.” Gasaro and Uwase shook hands.

      “It is nice to meet you,” Uwase said.“
       The pleasure is mine,” Gasaro replied.
       Gasaro pulled Kajuga aside and whispered, “She is taller than you. How old is she?
       ”Uwase overheard the conversation. She smiled and said, “My height makes me look
    slightly older than I am. I am 12 years old.
        Gasaro was embarrassed.
       “I am I ...”
       “It’s alright Gasaro.”
       “Thank you, Uwase.”
       “Oh, Gasaro, don’t worry. Uwase is a nice person. She is polite and friendly. I am sure
    she hasn’t taken offence. By the way Gasaro loves Agriculture the same way you do.”
       “That is really nice. May I ask how old she is?”
       They all laughed loudly.
       “Gasaro is 14 years old. She loves Agriculture, Chemistry and Biology. She hopes to be
    an agronomist in the future and she lives in Rusororo.”
       “You know so much about her ...”
       “Uwase, she is my best friend, isn’t she?”
       “Now you have one more friend in this school!” Gasaro shouted happily, “Uwase, come
    with us to the library please. We read ahead of the teachers every day, and we borrow
    new storybooks every week.”
        “That is amazing. I will enjoy my time in this school with you two as my friends.”


    1. Describe Gasaro.
    2. Write a short description of your best friend and read it to the your group members.

    Use the following table

    3. What do you think is the importance of being friendly to your schoolmates

    B. Reading and comprehension

    Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

    My amazing school
    My school is Uwamahoro Secondary School. It was set up in 1945. Calitas Uwamahoro
    donated five acres of land and money to build it. It is located ten kilometres from Muhanga
         A man-made forest, a garden and playground surround my school. The school is made
    up of two beautiful rows of a three-storey building. This is where the classes are. There is
    another big structure that houses the staffroom and the library. The staffroom structure
    makes the school landscape, from the sky, look like a perfect letter U.

          The Head Teacher’s Office and the Clerk’s Office are at the back of the building. Also,
    there is a Laboratory, Teachers’ Common-rooms and Scouts Room. We also have a hostel
    where we sleep.
          We have twenty-three teachers, a storekeeper, a librarian, an accounts clerk, three cooks
    and two guards. All the teachers in the school are highly qualified and experienced. The
    head teacher teaches History and Geography. Her deputy teaches English and Literature. I
    like studying Mathematics and English.
         We have about four hundred and fifty students in our school. Our school uniform
    consists of white shirts and brown trousers for boys. The same colours apply for the girls:
    white blouses and brown skirts.
         Classes begin at 8 a.m. after the assembly, and run up to 5 p.m. We have a total of nine
    periods of forty-five minutes each. We usually get a short break of fifteen minutes and a
    longer one of thirty minutes. We usually have a library period in our weekly routine. We
    borrow books from our library and return them after a week.
          We learn English, Literature, Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, Geography, History,
    Entrepreneurship, Biology, Physics, French and Religious Studies. After end-of-term exams,
    we are ranked according to our subject scores. I love my school very much.

    Comprehension Question

    Answer the following questions.
    1. Match the words in A with their correct meanings in B


        Make correct sentences using the words in column A.
    2. The name of the school in the passage is ......................
    3. The school was started in .....................
    4. Which of the following options best describe the school?
        A. Old, organised and friendly
        B. U-shaped, big and landscaped
        C. A big, friendly, girls’ school
        D. A mixed day and boarding school
    5. Which subjects are taught in the school of the person telling the story?
        A. English and Literature, Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, Geography, History,
            Entrepreneurship, Biology, Physics, French, Religious Studies and Kiswahili
        B. English and Literature, Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, Geography, History,
            Entrepreneurship, Biology, Physics, French and Religious Studies
        C. English and Literature, Business Studies, Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, Geography,
             History, Entrepreneurship, Biology, Physics, French and Religious Studies
         D. English and Literature, Mathematics, Kinyarwanda, Geography, History,
              Entrepreneurship, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French and Religious Studies
    6. Which subjects does the narrator like?
    7. Which subjects do you like and why?
    8. What can you do to perform well in the subjects you do not like?
    9. In about thirty words, explain why the person likes that school.

    Think about this

    What do you think is the importance of learning Entrepreneurship?

    C. Language use

    You have come across the sentences below. Study them carefully.

    1. I practise public speaking in the evenings.
    2. I draw every weekend.

    Tell your desk mate what you think is common in the two sentences.

    The present simple tense
    The present simple tense is sometimes referred to as present tense. It can be used in a
    number of ways.
    I.  It is used to express habit/routine. For example,
        a) I walk to school every day.
        b) Jean eats bananas for breakfast.
        c) We hoist the flag every Monday and Friday morning.
        d) The students come to school every morning.

    Practice Exercise 1

    Use the table below to make correct sentences of your own