A computer is used to store data. The data should be entered in the computer by typing them. Data can be entered in tables as well.

    Look at the following screenshots.


    Describe each screenshot above.
    Predict what you are going to learn.

    5.1: Insert tables

    Activity 5.1: Meaning of table

    (i) What is a table? Research and write short notes.
    (ii) Identify rows and columns from the following figure.


    A table is made up of columns and rows.
    (a) Create a table (columns and rows)

    Activity 5.2: To create a table

    (i) Open the Write Activity from the Home View.
    (ii) Place the pointer where you want the table to appear.
    (iii) On the Write Activity toolbar, click the Table tool.
    (iv) Choose from the drop-down menu: Create table.
    (v) Select the number of rows and columns.


    You create a table by choosing the table tool t from the Write Activity toolbar.

    To Insert a Column

    Activity 5.3: Inserting a column in a table

    How do we insert a new column in a table?

    Click where you want the column to appear.
    From the table tools choose the command for inserting a column.


            Fig. 5.1: Inserting a column.

    To Insert a Row:

    Activity 5.4: Inserting a row in a table

    How do we insert a new row in a table?

    Click where you want the row to appear.

    From the table tools choose the command insert row.


    Activity 5.5: To delete rows, columns, and tables

    To delete a column
    (i) Using the left button, click on the column you wish to delete.
    (ii) From the command bar choose delete column.


    To delete a row
    (i) Left click on the row you wish to delete
    (ii) From the command bar in table tools choose delete row


    To delete a table
    (i) Use the cursor to highlight the whole table
    (ii) On the keyboard press Delete key to delete.


    Enter text in a table
    (i) Left click in one cell of the table you have created.
    (ii) Enter text in the cell by typing on your Keyboard.
    (iii) Create the following table and insert in text as shown.


    Resizing rows and columns

    Activity 5.6: Resizing rows and columns

    How do you resize rows and columns.

    (a) Resizing rows
    (i) Place the pointer on the horizontal line of the row that you want to resize.
    (ii) A double edged arrow appears

    (iii) Drag this arrow which changes into a hand shape. Then drag to the inside or outside of the row that you have.
    (b) Resizing columns
    (i) Place the pointer on the vertical line of a column you want to resize.
    (ii) A double edged arrow appears.
    (iii) Drag this arrow which changes into a hand shape. Drag towards the inside of the column you want to resize.

    Practice Activity 5.1 Deleting, adding and resizing rows and columns

    (i) Create a table that looks like the one shown below, using the Write Activity.


    (ii) Insert a new row between the 2nd and 3rd rows as shown below.


    (iii) Type in the new row, text shown below.


    (iv) Delete the last row.


    (iv) Resize column one in (i) by making it smaller.
    (v) Resize row four in (iii) by making it bigger.

    5.2 Insert pictures and images

    Activity 5.7: To insert a picture

    (i) Click where you want the picture to be.
    (ii) Hover your pointer on insert image tool bar.
    (iii) Click on Insert image. The Journal will then open up, showing you a list of all of the pictures saved on your computer.


    (iv) Choose the picture you want to add to your document by clicking on its icon.


    (v) Your picture will be added to your document

    The Write Activity is mainly used for creating documents. It also has features that allow you to quickly insert pictures and images in a document.
    If you have pictures saved in your Journal or storage device, you can insert them into your document.

    Resize and position an image or picture

    Activity 5.8: Resizing and positioning an image
    Practise how to position and resize an image.

    (a) Position an image
    (i) Click the position where you want the image to be.
    (ii) Click on it then drag it to a new location.
    (b) Resize an image
    (i) Click on the image. Resize marks appear.
    (ii) Place your pointer on one resizing mark then drag the image.

    Provide text relating to imported image

    Activity 5.9: Providing text to an image

    Add text to your picture as shown in the picture.


    You can add a comment to your picture.
    To do this, move your pointer closer to the image. Type the text that you want.

    Practice Activity 5.2 Creating and editing a school newspaper

    (i) Collect information on 5 major challenges faced by people in your local community.
    (ii) Using your XO Write Activity, create a table that looks like the one shown below.


    (iii) Share your findings with your classmates.
    (iv) Collaborate with your friends in the Write Activity so as to produce a complete 5 paged newsletter.

    Revision Activity 5

    1. A table is made up of the following except one. Which one is it?
    A. Sheets B. Columns C. Rows D. Cells

    2. (a) What is the name given to this icon d?

    A. Table icon         B. Table tool         C. Row tool D.       Column tool
    (b) Look at the following pictures.


    Compare the pictures. Write down your findings.

    3. Which other term means the same as highlight?
    A. Replace             B. Select                C. Insert            D. Duplicate

    4. When you click on insert table tool which tool is likely to be active?
    A. Create table      B. Insert Row          C. Insert Image           D. Insert Column

    5. a) Start Paint Activity and draw a star shape.
        b) Close the Paint Activity then Start the Write activity.
        c) Insert the Star shape from the journal into the Write Activity.
        d) Resize the star to
             (i) Make it bigger (ii) Make it smaller

    6. In Write Activity you can undo and redo any action done by clicking on the tools shown below.
       (a) Type the name of your school in Write Activity.
       (b) What happens when you click on undo command?


    (c) What happens when you click on redo command?


    7. If you want to work with tables, which tool will you open?
    8. Before you start typing text in a cell, why is it important to click inside the cell?
    9. Start Write Activity and format a table as follows:
            a) Insert a table containing 4 columns and 4 rows.
            b) Type table header as follows:


       c) Bold the headers as shown above.

    10. (a) Write four sentences about your home.
         (b) Insert an image in your text.
         (c) Provide text concerning the image that you have inserted.
    11. (a) What is a table made of?
          (b) Draw a table with 2 columns and 4 rows.
          (c) (i) Type your first name in the first column and row.
               (ii) Type your class name in the second column of the first row.
          (d) Delete the third row.
          (e) Resize column 1.

    Word list

    1. Read the following words in pairs.

    • Write Activity                • Insert            • Table
    • Row                              • Column        • Images
    • Highlight                       • Delete          • Import
    • Resize                          • Cursor

    2. Spell 3 words while your friend writes them in his or her notebook. Let your friend also spell 3 other words as you write them in your notebook.
    3. Discuss with your friend the meaning of any 3 words in the word list.
    Refer to notes in your textbook.