• Enrolled students: 2955

Welcome to the eTutoring course!

In this course, you will learn about facilitating learning and supporting learners in online learning environment.


Course overview


The course covers eight key sections: 1) online learning communities, 2) synchronous and asynchronous interaction, 3) eTutor’s role, task and skills, 4) self-directed learning, 5) possible problems and conflicts, 6) different types of learners, 7) communication tools and 8) assessment.



Objective: understand the need for online learning communities / environments

Objective 1: Create and tutor virtual/online and collaborative learning community

Objective 2: Identify e-tutor’s role, tasks and skills

Objective 3: Initiate and support self-directed online learning

Object 4: Use diverse communication technologies to support learners


The workload

You will need to spend 20 hours to complete this course: 10 hours for navigating through the course content and different quizzes and 10 hours of practice with peers in the forum discussion.


  • Enrolled students: 2955