Purpose: To spark the curiosity of Ni Nyampingas about the toolkit, and to help them discover the topics in the handbook.

Duration: 10 minutes


The facilitator is tasked with helping Ni Nyampingas understand the introduction to the handbook. The facilitator can read it themselves or ask one of the Ni Nyampingas to read it out loud for others to follow.

Afterward, ask Ni Nyampingas to list the things they noticed in the introduction, and encourage them to share what it means to them and their lives. For example, they might say that they saw the nice colours, a drawing of a girl welcoming people, etc.

The facilitator should also ask one of the Ni Nyampingas to read aloud the handbook introduction,

and then ask the girls to share what they think is the purpose of the handbook. Next, ask them if they have any questions. Tell them that you are starting a journey together and that you  have to work hard to ensure it is a success. Ask the Ni Nyampingas to create a journal that they will use to record what surprised them or their personal goals after learning about a certain topic.

Finally, ask them to go to the next topic, and give them time to absorb everything they see.