Topic outline

  • Unit1: Introduction to Physics

    Quiz of Physics S1 on the Introduction to Physics  to check whether learners master well this unit.

    This quiz contains 10 questions which will be done in one hour and it will be available during 24 hrs.

    This quiz will be marked on 50 mks.

  • Physics summative assessment

    This assessment is prepared for learners of S2 to see  if the content were mastered and it will be quoted on 50 mks 

  • Sciences Formative assessment

    This assessment is for P5 and it will be done in 2 hours 

    Attempt all questions of this assessment

    This assessment is quoted on 25 mks

  • Sciences Formative Assessment for P5 all

    This assessment will be done by students of P5  and time allowed is 2hours

    It will be quoted on 40 mks

    Attempt all questions and respect of time is crucial.