The ICT Essentials course is competency based and your portfolio is worth 80% of your final mark but it is possible to get and extra 20% by performing well in this theory examination. 

Post Course Participant Survey


These final surveys are designed to collect data that can be compared to the baseline and interim surveys to ascertain whether you believe you have grown. These are also some questions designed to provide you with an opportunity to give feedback on the course's content, activities and methodology.

Recommended Time: 30 minutes
     1. Access the survey below and let us know how your ICT integration skill set has grown.

     ICT Essentials for Teacher's Final Skills SurveyURL

       2. The survey below is about your experience of the 'Blended Learning' method used by this course. Let us know what you think of this way of training.

       ICT Essentials for Teachers Post Online Survey URL

      The purpose of this interim study is to collect data so that the facilitators can ascertain if you perceive any professional growth as a consequence of this weeks training. It is also an opportunity to get your feedback on the workshop content, activities and logistics.